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The Babérliget Mansion is more than just a place for people to chill out, it is an ideal location for corporate events such as team buildings or management meetings.

For smaller events, the yoga room on the top floor is the ideal place, while the Library room and the dining room on the ground floor may serve as section rooms. The spacious community areas offer comfy canapés whilst the garden invites for a good game of badminton, table tennis or pétanque after the work. In good weather the shaded garden, the dining room or the covered terrace, whilst in case of bigger events, the pavilion – inspired by the artwork of Philippe Starck, world famous designer and having a capacity of 150 people – is the perfect choice, even on rainy days.

The classic team building programmes have the surrounding nature in their focus, while more adventurous trainings can include off-road car or Segway tours, a sailing regatta on Lake Balaton or a stargazing tour in a nearby International Dark Sky Park. Babérliget is warmly recommended to the lovers of nature and wildlife, to those who long for a meaningful and uplifting relaxation, community building and personal development.

Upon request, the whole Mansion can be rented, therefore besides the corporate events it is also a perfect location for family gatherings – such as birthdays, anniversaries or name days – which can be celebrated uninterruptedly.

Our guests also get a wonderful gastronomical adventure in Babérliget: on the grounds that we love the cuisine of Somogy county and live a health and environment conscious life, we purchase most of the ingredients from the small suppliers living in the neighbourhood and follow the farm-to-table movement when pleasing our guests.

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