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Programmes within Babérliget

As a kind guest pointed out, Babérliget is an island of tranquillity and we can only agree. We recommend the Mansion to anyone who is longing for peace and harmony, who is touched by the charm of the rural life but does not want to give up on perfect comfort or culinary pleasures.

If you simply want to relax, read a book or be alone with your thoughts, we have some suggestions for you:

  • on a shaded bench under the chestnut trees
  • at the end of the garden by the pear tree
  • on a sunbed by the pool
  • on the porch by the herbal garden

If you need a bit more activity, we are happy to recommend:

  • table tennis under the trees
  • making a splash in the pool
  • badminton in the garden
  • bicycle tour in the area, do not worry if you left yours at home, you are welcome to rent one of ours
    Bicycle rental: HUF 1500 per day

Never mind the rain, we have numerous bad weather options inside the Curia:

  • a dry sauna with a splendid view
  • a wet sauna
  • a virtuoso game of table football
  • a mini pool game for the little and big ones
  • games of cards and chess

By appointment a masseur and a yoga instructor are also at your service.

There are many options for activities in the area surrounding Babérliget:

For families and couples:

Bőszénfa – Deer farm (44 km)

Hungary’s largest „open game farm”, occupying 1300 hectares of land is home to more than 1500 red deer, 300 wild boar, 200 fallow deer, 150 mouflons és roughly 50 roe deer. Beside the work with the wild animals, the breeding of domestic animals – Hungarian grey cattle, racka sheep, horse, donkey, goat and water buffalo – is also a part of the labours on the farm.
Beside the various programme options (e.g. deer petting, antler collection, deer spotting by tractor or coach) there is the restaurant of the farm, where they serve food specialities made from local ingredients.

Skanzen of Szenna (36 km)

...where our traditions live on.
The Europa Nostra-award winning skanzen was created in the middle of a habited village; there is no other like this in the country. Here is one of Somogy county’s most beautiful heritage sites, the reformed church with its painted coffered ceiling, built in 1785.
The Open-air Ethnographic Museum of Szenna is open all year round, awaiting guests with special programmes, kids’ playhouse, summer camps, artisan workshops and folk dance houses on holidays.
Discounted tickets are granted to Babérliget guests.

Katica Tanya – Ladybird Farm Leisure Centre – Patca (43 km)

The Ladybird Farm is an exciting centre of activities for families with small children. It offers dozens of outdoor and indoor play equipment, a petting area, 100 domestic animals and numerous attractions, most of which are unique in Hungary. They are highlighted by the covered and air-conditioned slide house and playground facility, Europe’s largest wooden labyrinth and the longest slide in the western part of Hungary. The Medieval wooden plank castle and continental Europe’s biggest trebuchet lure visitors to a travel through time.

Krishna valley (10 km)

The Krishna valley is Central Europe’s largest and best organised eco-community.
The 266 hectare area once was a sheep grazing ground, now more than 950 species of trees and bushes abound in the valley’s botanic garden. Beside the conservation of the natural life, the main purpose of the garden is education and research on nutritious plants.
Guests are shown around the temple and a vegetarian restaurant and an Indian souvenir shop is at their service as well. The biggest yearly festival is the Búcsú in July, attended by 7000 people.

Virágfürdő bath – Kaposvár (29 km)

Virágfürdő, situated in the enchanting forest of Zselic, is a wonderful bath experience offering the biggest spa water surface in Western Hungary. Kids and adults are equally delighted by the 17 different pools equipped with 46 water spouts, slides and the available sporting activities.

Igal Health Spa (22 km)

Igal is a charming little town, and because of its cosy streets, historic ambiance, hospitable people and famous spa, it is a popular destination with tourists who wish to heal or relax.
13 pools are available in the spa for everyone to enjoy, plus a sauna complex, a giant slide with 3 tracks, a children’s playground and sports courts. People from all ages will find their ideal way to relax at the Igal Spa.

Zselic Star Park (48,6 km)

The Zselic Landscape Protection Area is a certified International Dark Sky Park and its Zselic Star Park offers numerous daylight and nocturnal programmes to its visitors. The observatory is fitted with a planetarium, a telescope dome and a terrace for small telescopes. Beside the indoor programmes, regular and temporary exhibitions, visitors can take guided stargazing tours by night and hikes in the forest by day.

Deseda lake, Kaposvár (32 km)

Just north of Kaposvár, the Deseda lake stretches 8 km long with the city on one of its banks and unspoiled nature on the other. Around it lie the 17 km long bicycle road – the connection to the city, and an arboretum, whose peninsula can be reached by crossing a 100m bridge. Lakeside beaches, nearby hiking roads, a sailboat-shaped aqua tourism centre with sports utensils and programme options all ensure that a visit to the reservoir will be idyllic and peaceful, a real family event.

Meistro Equestrian Club, Kaposvár (32 km)

The Meistro Equestrian Club in Kaposvár is located in the western part of the city. They have calm, well-trained horses in their horse-riding school and organise horseback tours as well. The Club room is fitted with a museum dedicated to blacksmithing, while their small petting zoo is home to native and rescued animals.

Forest park in Gyertyános (35 km)

The 54 hectare forest park is located south of Kaposvár, near to Zselickislak by the national route 67. The forest park is actually real Zselic, a hilly area marked by a good number of gullies, and in whose narrow valley small ponds were formed.
The boat lake, the "Four brothers" spring and the Avar age-excavation site are all perfect hiking destinations.

Extreme leisure activities:

Shooting range (18 km)

The shooting range in Somogyaszaló awaits its guests all year round, be they beginners or professionals.

Old-timer tours (17 km)

Car rental for the fans of old-timers or to those who just would like to drive them, on recommended routes.

Off-road driving – Somogybabod (22 km)

An off-road and joyful car tour, an excellent programme for those looking for a bit of excitement.
You can choose from the following:
Extreme off-road tour: Professional drivers take the guests on an off-road tour.
Off-road school: Guests learn the basics of off-road driving with the help of instructors.
Off-road race: Guests compete on an off-road track.

Team building programmes

We recommend these programmes to those who appreciate nature and wildlife, who long for meaningful and uplifting relaxation, for team and community building and for personal development. The programmes offer the joy of simultaneously playing and learning, while the refreshing surroundings exert their beneficent effects on the participants.

The options include:

  • wine quiz
  • treasure hunt in Babérliget
  • harmony training
  • labyrinth in the woods

If you are looking for more adventurous programmes, we recommend our aquatic options at Lake Balaton:

  • cadet school
  • adventure tour
  • regatta

For team building programmes please enquire about our bespoke proposals!